Xitang's narrowest alley

Alleys snaking around residential complexes are another distinctive of this ancient town.

The most famous alley is called "Stone-Paved Lane." It is 68 meters long and only a meter wide, paved with 216 slabs of stone.

Narrowest Alley of Xitang, Xitang Attractions, Xitang Travel GuideBut "Stone-Paved Lane" isn't the narrowest to be found. That honor goes to two alleys. One can be found at the Li House. It's so narrow that only one person can pass at a time, and sideways. The other, called "Wildcat Lane," is barely 30 cm wide. Located at the west end of the Huanxiu Bridge, it is actually a passage that separates two houses.

By contrast, the widest of Xitang's alleys walks five and half people standing shoulder to shoulder. It is also located by the Li House, which is by the Shaoxianggang.

The shortest of the alleyways, only 3 meters long, is found in the complex of Yuqing Residence.

The longest, the Sixian (Four-Sage) Temple Lane, is 236 meters long and it sits on Beishan Street.

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