Anshun Shopping

Anshun shopping has developed into an important marketing and commercial centre featuring batik (wax-printing) items, kitchen and leather knives, scissors, Buyi carpets, and green tea.

Anshun batik or Wax-printing, Anshun shopping, Anshun Travel GuideAnshun Batik or Wax-printing

Anshun is famous for its batik work. Legend says that wax-printing began more than two thousand years ago when wax from a beehive dribbled carelessly over some linen waiting to be dyed. The patterns were so beautiful that people began to duplicate them on purpose.

Anshun Buyi Carpet

Buyi Carpets, which feature strong ethnic characteristics, has great artistic value and has been exported all over the world.

Kitchen Knife, Scissors and Leather Knife

The kitchen knife, scissors and leather knife are known as the “San Dao” (three knives) in Anshun. They are not only useful and durable, but have great ethnic beauty.

Ethnic embroidery

Colorful ethnic embroidery, mainly made by artisans from the Buyi and Gejia minorities, aredurable, attractive, and beautiful works of art.

Anshun Liquor, Anshun Shopping, Anshun Travel GuideAnshun Liquor

Anshun Liquor is clear with a lingering mild and mellow soy sauce fragrance.

Shopping Opportunities

Friendship Shopping Mall
Add: Nanhua Rd, Anshun
Tel: 3222598

Anshun Folk Batik Village
Add: 6# Suite 2, Bldg B, Peace Minidistrict, Anshun
Tel: 3344136

Anshun Batik Factory
Add: #46 South Zhonghua Rd, Xixiu District, Anshun
Tel: 3222651

General Factory of Wax-printing
No.46, Nanhua Rd, Anshun, Guizhou, China
Tel: 3226179

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