Dalian Natural History Museum

Dalian Natural History Museum, Dalian Attractions, Dalian Travel GuideDalian Natural History Museum, originally constructed in the year of 1907, is comprehensive museum displaying rare stones, fossils, animals, plants, etc. As the only natural history museum in the northeastern regions of China, it is also one of the top four natural history museums of China, and well known around the world. Dalian Natural History Museum is situated on scenic Heishijiao Seashore, occupying an area of 15,000 square meters. The whole museum is laid out by world popular topic unit method, for example there are eleven exhibit halls that are respectively named the Earth, Dinosaur, Marine mammals, Fish, Wetland, and etc. Advanced display form, flexible exhibit design, application of various technologies of sound, optics and electron, plus manual operation display not only emphasize the focus of the whole museum on "Nature and Human", but also reveal the diversification of species as well as mutual dependent relations between animal, man and environment. The exhibits in new Museum have successively been elected Top Ten Exhibit Selections, and awarded the first prize at city's level for advance of science and technology.

Dalian Natural History Museum ranks the first in China for it's a large number of rare specimens, especially the marine life. Over the past few years, it has collected more than 600 famous fossil organisms of Jehol Biota, and given visitors times of systematic introductions to the origin of bird, beast and angiosperm as well as so many major events in the history of life sciences, which found a strong echo in all visitors. In addition, Dalian Natural History Museum gives great attention to communication with appropriate overseas institutions. For example, it has successively established good relationships with Kitakyusyu Natural History Museum of Japan, State Natural History Museum of France, and etc.

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