Dalian Nightlife

With a wealth of pubs, clubs and entertainment facilities, Dalian will not disappoint bar-hoppers and pub-crawlers. Two streets brim with bars and pubs. One is the Wuwu Road between Gangwan and Sanba Squares; another is along Shuixia residential quarter, south of Renmin Square.

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Nanshan Theatre
Add: Yan'an Rd. Dalian
Description: Located in the downtown area, mainly shows the local opera and is busiest during the weekend.

Golden Boy & Jade Girl Performance Theatre
Add: New Oriental Restaurant, Gangwan Square, Dalian
Description: a restaurant theater demonstrating modern dance and music
Open: 8pm-110pm


2001 Ellis
Add: Zhongshan Square, Dalian
Description: said to be the queen of Dalian's bars and discos.
Open: 8pm-2am

Banana Bar
Add: 1/F, Furama Hotel, 60 Renmin Rd. Dalian
Description: Equipped with the world's most advanced lighting and Hi-fi system, it boasts the most popular bar in the city.
Open: 7pm-3am

Casablanca Cafe & Bar
Add: #35 Renmin Rd., Dalian
Description: A popular hangout for the youth.
Open: 7pm-1am

Qianyi Cool Bar
Add: Shanghai, Dalian
Description: favored by young people.
Open: 8pm-2am

JJ's Disco
Add: Gangwan St. Dalian
Description: a popular place for students and foreigners.
Open: 7pm-1am

Hollywood Studio Cafe &Pub
Add: 1F Royal Gourmet Court, Victory Plaza, Dalian
Description: Filipino live bands, pizza, pasta, cocktail, fashion shows every night
Open: 10:30am-3:00am

Bi Ming Xuan Teahouse
Add: Behind Huagong Palace, Zhongshan Park, Dalian
Description: This is the first professional teahouse in Dalian, a good place to experience the tea ceremony.
Open: 10am-10pm

Bifeng Tang Teahouse
Add: #686 Huanghe Rd. Dalian
Description: One of the most popular teahouses in the city.
Open: 10am-10pm

Add: Zhongshan Square. Dalian
Description: A great variety of drinks both from home and abroad available.
Open: 6am-1am


Zhong Xing Bowling
Add: #42 Youhao St. Dalian
Description: One of the well-equipped bowling alleys in the city.
Open: 10am-1am

Ao Na Cinema
Add: #552 Zhongshan Rd. Dalian
Description: Equipped with the latest facilities, one of the best cinemas in the city.
Open: 10am-10pm

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