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Golden Pebble Beach

Located on the coast of the Yellow Sea southeast of Jinzhou District and 58 square kilometers from the center of Dalian, Golden Pebble Beach covers an area of 62 square kilometers, and is one of Mother Nature's better creations. This famous beach combines the elements of sea, beaches, cliffs and islands all in one place. Of special interest are the peculiar geological formations; the sedimentary rock, eroded by the sea over the years has taken on unusual and beautiful forms, such as "Huge roc spreading its wings", "Dinosaur swallowing the sea". The images are as vivid as life and as grand as you can imagine which gain the title of "the solidified animal world". The "turtle-shell rocks", a geological specimen of aggradations environment, is formed in the simian era 600 million years ago, and presently has the largest volume and the clearest section construction in the world. The Golden Pebble Beach is also named as the “Marvelous Sculpture Park".

Golden Pebble Beach in Dalian, Dalian Attractions, Dalian Travel GuideBetween the mind-calming union of sparkling white sand with gently lapping waves and a background of lush green hills it is easy to comprehend why locals flock to this beach. Besides swimming and sunbathing, the surrounding area also offers plenty of fishing perches and boating opportunities. In addition, hiking around, you will discover numerous fascinating rock formations. In 1992, the Golden Rock Pebble Beach National Tourist Site was established which now includes a world-class golf course, international yacht club, hunting grounds, angling club, as well as hotels and villas.

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