Dalian People's Square

Woman Horse Ranger on Dalian People's Square, Dalian Attractions, Dalian Travel GuideDalian People's Square (Renmin guanchang) is the biggest and most popular of all the city squares, and the formerly known as Stalin Square, from which we could see clearly that Dalian has made up a sound friendship with Russians in those years. It is the central square in Dalian which houses nearly all the city-level administrative buildings. It lies in the middle of Xigang District with the municipal government standing in the north. The square covers 120, 000 square meters. Four lawns of 4 hectares spread over the center part of the square, where grass always keeps green with the change of four seasons. The daily national flag hoisting ceremony and the groups of pigeons on the ground attract a lot of visitors here. The usual Chinese "Dancing Water" display emanates from the fountain, much to the delight of locals who gather here in the evenings especially to watch the water "dance" in time with the music. On the shiny days, beautiful kites dancing above the square create another scene of the square. When nights come, a lot of citizens gather here: the young couples with their baby stroll here, and the senior citizens do physical exercises at the corners of the square. The colorful lightings in the square vary now and then, shining under the peaceful and harmonious night sky. The development directly behind the square is a new residential zone, with houses and apartments designed in Russo-European style.

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