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Tiger Beach Scenic Area

Tiger Beach Scenic Area, Dalian Attractions, Dalian Travel GuideAs the best-known scenic area in Dalian, the Tiger Beach scenic area is located in the south coast of Dalian. It covers an area of 1.88 million square meters with 4,000 meters long coastline. The name of the beach is derived from the fact that a rock outcropping in the sea looks like a sleeping tiger. To the eastern part is the Tiger Beach Park covers 15700 square meters, highlighting the largest granite sculpture in China, where "the running tigers sculpture"- the largest animal sculpture in the world. Six vivid sculpture tigers make the irregular square the most outstanding among dozens of squares in Dalian. To the southwest of Tiger Beach lies Singing Birds Woods, covering 4,500 square meters with a gigantic bird cage which is 36.4 meters long and 7 meters high. It is also the natural habitat of thousands of birds. New highlights include a polar aquarium, a world's biggest coral exhibition hall and a water-skiing course.

The aquarium opened in 2002, animals both from the south polar and the north Polar Regions includes polar bears, penguins, polar belugas and sea elephants share neighborhood here. Altogether the aquarium has 11 species of 153 polar animals and it also boasts of 3,000 fish. Standing in a 360o channel one seems to live together with the multitude of fish. A showcase of 300-odd sharks and performances by dolphins also deserve high recommendations as well. In the sea animal section, one can touch fur seals, sea dogs, and sea lions. It is currently the largest polar aquarium in the world.

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