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Xiangshui Taoist Temple

Dalian Xiangshui Taoist Temple, Dalian Attractions, Dalian Travel GuideBeing a famous Taoist temple in Dalian, Xiangshui Taoist Temple has also been known as "Xiangshui Taoist Temple" or "Yunshui Temple". It is located in the northwestern part of Dahei Mountain in Jinzhou District. Originally built in Tang Dynasty, the Temple was renovated many times in Qing Dynasty. It is divided into two parts: South Section and North Section. The North Section is the living quarters for Taoists monks. A natural cave is located to the right of the main building. It is 40 meters (24.8 miles) deep and the sound of spring water flowing through the cave can be heard. You can hear the sound from spring water flowing from the cave. That's why the temple was named "Xiangshui" which means the sound of spring water.

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