Zhongshan Square

Dalian Zhongshan Square, Dalian Attractions, Dalian Travel GuideBuilt up in 1899 by Russians, this is the oldest square in Dalian. Its name evolved from the "Nicholas Square" under Tsarist Russian concession, to "Big Plaza" within the Japanese colonization, and then "Zhongshan" (the formal name of Dr. Sun Yat-sen) after the Liberation (1945). Zhongshan Square lies in the eastern part of the city. The diameter of this round-shaped square reaches 200 meters, 36 series of acoustics stand around the square of 22, 000 square meters. The square is also the first musical square in China. In 1995, 36 sets of audio systems were equipped around it. At every dawn and dusk, people crowd here to play Chinese chess, kick shuttlecocks, dance, do Taijiquan (Shadow Boxing) or see an outdoor movie, watch an entertainment show or enjoy concerts companied by the flowing music in the air. An open dance stage is located in the center of the square.

Around the square, there are ten different European style architectures that compose of the financial center of Dalian. Many of these buildings were built by the Russians before the end of the Russo-Japanese war. The skyline behind the old buildings is dominated by modern skyscrapers, a symbol of the future of this vibrant city. Owing to the well remedy and maintenance by the government, they still keep their beauty under the years' baptism. They also augment bright to this city today.

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