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Bird Garden

Hong Kong Bird Garden, Hong Kong Attractions, Hong Kong Travel GuideOriginally located in the heart of Mong Kok, Bird Street moved to its current home in Prince Edward. In 1997, it was because that the government had to rebuild that district, so this bird garden moved to Yuen Po Street.

The garden is Chinese style, offers a delightful respite from the noise and hubbub that rule the streets of the Kowloon, for decades bird lovers have congregated here in yuen postreet to air their birds, let them sing, and talk about their feathered pets. It was only natural that commercial interests should be aroused, so a market sprang up alongside, all kinds of beautiful birds can be found here including macaws, songbirds, mynahs, cockatiels and starlings. With about 70 bird stalls showcasing a variety of melodious songbirds, this garden, with its courtyards, is a pleasure of both sight and sound. Songbirds remain a favorite pet of some local men, and the garden is testimony to the excessive pampering they receive. Songbirds are prized and pampered pets for many Hong Kong men who come here to chat with their friends while their pet birds warble from cages hung in the trees. Chinese bird lovers value both the physical beauty of the birds and the quality of their song. A huge range of pet bird paraphernalia is sold here: exquisite bamboo and wooden cages (which also make great plant holders), porcelain water bowls and bird snacks such as live crickets and grasshoppers, toasted seeds and special honey drinks. Plenty of free birds also swoop in to gorge on spilled food and commiserate with their imprisoned brethren.

Another interesting side of Bird Street is the opportunity to see the unusual sight of the birds feeding upon chopped grasshoppers, live crickets and even tiny green snakes! Ornate bamboo cages and beautifully decorated porcelain seed dishes are also on sale here and make excellent gifts and souvenirs.

Walking through the bird garden is an unforgettable experience. Young and old are here, people of every shape and description. All with an overwhelming interests in birds. Even you do not like little beasties, people watching is enough to bring you here-as well as the amazing variety of beautiful constructed cages, which can be as basic as something made out of bamboo to veritable birdie palaces that cost a small fortune.

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