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Hong Kong Transportation


Hong Kong Railways, Hong Kong Transportation, Hong Kong Travel GuideThe Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is an underground network. The route includes Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan and Island Lines as well as Tung Chung and Airport Express is 34 kilometers. Single adult fares range from $4 to $26, and $60 to $100 for the Airport Express.

The Kowloon-Canton Railway (East Rail) is 34 kilometers long and connects Hung Hom in Kowloon with Lo Wu. Standard class fares range from $3.5 to $9 for local journeys and $20 to $33 for journeys to Lo Wu according to the distance traveled.

The Light Rail Transit System, serving Tuen Mun and Yuen Long new towns is supported by feeder bus service. Adult single fares range from $4 to $5.8. About 385,000 passengers travel daily on the system.


City bus fares range from $2.5 to $10.6 for Hong Kong Island routes and $3.5 to $45 for Shuttle, External and Airport routes.


Playing one of the key roles in Hong Kong’s public transport, taxis provide a convenient, personalized service.


Electric trams have been running in Hong Kong since 1904. The adult fare is $2 and some 279,000 passengers are carried daily.

Peak Trams

The 1.4 kilometer line runs between Central and the Peak, with four stops en route, climbing 373 meters on a gradient as steep as one-in-two. A single trip for adults costs $20.

By Subway

OPERATION: 6:00 - 1:00-- a train comes every 2 minutes during peak hours
FARES: Single fares depend on distance traveled and are between $4 and $26

Airport Express

The airport express provides a swift link between Hong Kong International Airport and the heart of Hong Kong. The bus runs every 15 minutes daily from 05:50 to 01:15. The time it takes from the Airport to downtown Hong Kong is only 23 minutes.

Macau from Hong Kong

Take the jetfoil from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal. Macau is technically a foreign country, so you have to go through customs.

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