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Hong Kong

Government House

Government House nestled in a Mid-Levels' garden on Upper Albert Road,and was formerly the office and residence of previous Governors of Hong Kong. Construction began in 1851 and took four years to complete, 25 British governors lived here until 1997. Government House enjoyed harbor views until the present high-rise buildings in the vicinity were constructed. It was originally built in the Georgian style and bore rich colonial characteristics. It underwent extensively redesigned by the Japanese during their occupation of Hong Kong in the Second World War, by Japanese engineer Siechi Fujimura, who designed a dominant central tower to link the two original buildings. The roofs were also modified to produce a more Japanese flavor, thus diminishing the strong European style of the mansion, which was then used as the Japanese military headquarters. Since the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Government House has been used by the Chief Executive and the Government to hold important official functions. Government House is closed to the public, but it throws open its doors for one Sunday in March every year, allowing the populace an opportunity to view the gardens filled with beautiful azaleas.

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