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Lantau Island,Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

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If the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong gets too much for you, an escape to Lantau Island, might be just the thing for you. One of the most popular sights to see on the island is the Tian Tan Buddha. Few statues in the world leave as powerful an impression as the Buddha gazing serenely from the hillside of Ngong-Ping on Lan-Tau Island. The Buddha is one of the most distinctive landmarks on Hong Kong's largest island, Lantau. This is the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze buddha statue sits on a lotus throne above a three-platform altar, weighs 202 tonnes. However, it's not the size that makes the statue special; it's what one sees when one looks up. His eyes see everything but judge nothing. His hand is opened up and out to give and to receive. His Hong Kong Giant Buddha, Hong Kong Attraction s, Hong Kong Travel Guidehead is inclined, waiting and accepting. He has serenity, dignity, and depth of character. Perhaps because of the height where the statue is located, or because of the silent surroundings, or the crispness of an autumn morn, or whatever the reason, visitors may feel lighter and freer, calmer and better in the presence of the Giant Buddha.

Due to the Giant Buddha on the Lantau Island situated on top of a mountain, it takes a very long flight of steps to reach the monument's base. From there, visitors could get a very nice view of the surrounding area. Many times, many of the mountains will be draped with clouds, giving it all a mysterious touch. Also, the statue is located very close to the Po Lin Monetary, and is known to symbolize the harmonious relationship between man, nature, people and religion. It is a traditional Buddhist Temple, so there are a lot of rules & traditions visitors have to follow when visiting the Monastery.

Po Lin Monastery was built in 1924, and it is located on Lantau Island. Its also better known as "Buddhist Kingdom in the South", is a fantastic place to visit. The best will to combine visiting the Monastery with the Buddha as they are across from each other. Originally the Po Lin Monastery was initially known as “the Big Hut”. In 1906, Zen masters Da Yue, Dun Xiu and Yue Ming Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong Attraction s, Hong Kong Travel Guidearrived at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island from the Jin Shan Monastery of Zhe Jiang. They found that stretch of flat land, which was nestled so snuggly among the mountain, an ideal site for building a monastery. So they toiled and moiled and started to construct a small stone house, then followed by a big hut and hence a sacred place was developed. Monks from the ten quarters heard of the news and flocked in to the sacred place. They grew vegetables there, procured the instruments for rituals and eked out a living; a primordial monastic discipline was thus established. In 1920 Po Lin Monastery was built with only a shrine dedicated to Buddha. In 1924 gradually more monks came to settle here, and in 1970 became one of the top 10 Buddhist monasteries in Hong Kong.

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