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Ocean Park

The Ocean Park and Middle Kingdom is a theme park spread over two parts connected to each other by cable car. Next to Ocean Park is Water World, a water park that is open during the summer.

Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park, Hong Kong Travel
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Hong Kong is Asia's premier sea life and animal theme park. Opened in 1977 at a cost of HK$150 million, the park is located on 170 acres of land and consists of two sections: a lowland site and a headland site. A 1.4km cable-car bridge connects the two. The park opens daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ocean Park is an entertainment center with an ocean aquarium, Atoll Reef, which is reputed to be the largest aquariums (Atoll Reef) in the world and the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. Other highlights include the two giant pandas, An An and Jia Jia; Pacific Pier, Dinosaurs - Now and Then; A shark aquarium has a 11.5-metre-long underwater viewing tunnel. Dolphins and sea lions perform at Ocean Theatre.

In addition to the animals, a large assortment of thrill rides will provide a fun filled day for all visitors. The outdoor escalator system is the second largest in the world and the cable-car ride to the headland provides unparalleled panoramic views of the south side of Hong Kong Island's Riviera-like coastline and some of the 260 outlying islands of Hong Kong.

Atoll Reef, the largest aquarium in the world has about 30,000 specimens of sea creatures and two million liters of seawater on three different levels of viewing galleries. The headland also features an amusement park with numerous rides, including The Dragon, the Octopus and the Crazy Galleon. Or you may enjoy the Raging River, a lovely cruise on a sturdy boat. The Dragon is one of the world's longest roller coasters at 840 meters. A new extension to the headland is the Film Fantasia, a high-tech theater containing 100 hydraulic seats that tilt forward, backward, left, and right to make you feel part of the space voyage or other action adventures shown on a large screen. The Ancient World is an adventure trail with unique lighting, spectacular sound effects, interactive displays, and artificial fog to recreate seven scenic zones of the primeval equatorial rain forests. Ocean Park also contains the Shark Aquarium, the Japanese Garden for relaxing.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Tower, Hong Kong Attractions, Hong Kong Travel GuideCEAN PARK TOWER

Take advantage of the 72-metre-tall Ocean Park Tower for a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. You can also absorb an upside-down view of the South China Sea from the park's massive Dragon roller coaster. There's also the Abyss Turbo Drop and the Mine Train roller coaster with twists and turns for 678 metres Turbo Drop. Take your time to experience the magic of Ocean Park. Admire the splendid flora and fauna in the aviary and the Butterfly House. Let the children go wild at Kids' World, where an array of games, shows and rides will captivate them with hours of fun.


Simulating the coast of California, witness the splendour of sea lions and harbour seals as they frolic in the water and rocky shore. Inside the Shark Aquarium, be engulfed in the undersea world these beautiful predators.


A must for everyone is the cable car ride overlooking the South China Sea, which spans the lowlands and headlands of Ocean Park. For 12 to 15 minutes, view the southern shores from this, the most popular attraction in the Park.


Ocean Theatre is the largest marine mammal theater in the world, with a capacity of 4,000 people and a giant pool large enough for dolphins, killer whales, and occasional visiting diving shows. Experience the close interaction between these animals and man.


If it spins, climbs, drops or hurtle, you will find it at the Headlands. Take a ride on the Dragon roller coaster, a runaway mine train, a journey down the raging river in a log boat, or tumble 60 meters from the Turbo Drop Abyss.

Hong Kong Middle Kingdom, Hong Kong Attractions, Hong Kong Travel GuideMiddle Kingdom

Middle Kingdom is a passage through Chinese history from China's inception to the current era, which offers replicas of temples, pagodas and street scenes, as well as exhibits and demonstration stalls. Get your name written in Chinese characters and see the Lion Dance in front of you! History comes alive in the Middle Kingdom, which tells of the 13 Chinese dynasties spanning 5,000 years in full-size replicas of buildings and scenes throughout the times. Performances featuring lion dances, acrobatics, cultural dances and magic shows are held at the Empress Theatre four times a day.

Water World

Next to the Ocean Park is the Water World, a water park contains water slides (you plunge down at 28 mph/45 kph), a wave pool, the Lazy River and a children's area for those under age 6. And also it offers dozens of activities, including water slides and an artificial beach. It only opens from late April through October and is always packed.

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