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The Peak

The Peak, Hong Kong Attractions, Hong Kong Travel Guide
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The Peak gives Hong Kong, perhaps the most extraordinary and legendary vista of any modern city in the world. Victoria Peak is really the Hong Kong's number one tourist destination, playing host to more than 6 million visitors each year. Whether by day or night, Victoria Park is a must-see tourism spot! The main reason is that it provides the spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour, especially at the nighttime, when all the buildings are "on light", For example, the top of the tallest building in Hong Kong, Central Plaza, has different colours of lights blinking. Even during daytime, the beautiful and modern designs of the buildings will attract your eyes. And also since Victoria Peak is located on the West part of Hong Kong Island, ideally behind Central & the CBD. From the North viewing platform, visitors could get panoramic views of Hong Kong, seeing everything from the Bank of China building to Lion's Peak in Kowloon. On the South side, visitors would see a mountain side filled with trees, and mansions. Apart from these, visitors would be able to see the beaches & the Pacific Coast. Victoria Peak is setup as a park with many scenic paths that visitor would take around the summit of the mountain. It is a best place for people who especially love jogging there, for it is less hot up there & it is not crowded. For those that like to stay indoors, there is a shopping mall & a restaurant. There are over fifty shops, but they mostly cater exclusively to tourists.

It also features the city's oldest and most reliable mode of public transport, The Peak Tram, in operation since 1888. A scenic ride up from the city centre to The Peak takes only 7 minutes.

In addition, due to at 392m (1,308 ft.), Victoria Peak is Hong Kong Island's tallest hill, which, obviously, lends itself to offer spectacular views of the city and surrounding areas. It's always been one of Hong Kong's most exclusive places to live, since, in addition to the views, the peak is typically cooler than the sweltering city below. (Even just a one-bedroom apartment on The Peak goes for a purported HK$50,000/US$6,500 a month!)

In the early period of colonial rule the Victoria Peak was open to the people of upper strata of society only. The rich reached the peak after a 3-hour trip in sedan chairs, transported to the top by coolies.

Peak Tram

Peak Tram, Hong Kong Attractions, Hong Kong Travel GuideThe best way to get to the top is via the Peak Tram, a funicular railway that carves a steep 396-metre swathe up the lush mountainside. It has been in operation since 1888, making it the oldest transport in Hong Kong. In 1989, the older, cast-iron green funicular cars with mahogany seats were replaced by new, modern cars imported from Switzerland, which increased the passenger load from 72 to 120 people, over the last century, successfully served as one of the city's most vital transport links. A scenic ride up from the city centre to The Peak takes only 7 minutes.

Originally, The Peak Tram was operated by coal fired steam boilers. This was replaced by an electrically powered system in 1926. A 62 seat, lightweight all-metal tramcar was introduced in 1956. Finally in 1989, the present tramcars commenced service carrying 120 passengers over 90 times per day from 7:00 am to midnight.

Peak Tower

Peak Tower, Hong Kong Attractions, Hong Kong Travel GuideVisitors arrive at The Peak Tower, the city's most unusual building and icon. The unique "wok" shaped tower sits at an elevation of 396 meters. Viewing terraces located on different levels of the tower offer spectacular views of the Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines, including Victoria Harbour.

Inside the Peak Tower, with over 112,000 square feet of floor space, houses a wide range of shops offering souvenirs, Chinese arts & crafts, cosmetics, books, photo products, postal services and great restaurants.

The Peak Tower also puts visitors in touch with Hong Kong's lesser known, but equally breathtaking natural side. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along one of the nature trails starting from The Peak Tower and relax among the lush green vegetation while enjoying a 360-degree view of Hong Kong.

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