Cloud Dispersing Pavilion

Huangshan Cloud Dispersing Pavilion, Huangshan Attractions,  Huangshan Travel GuideSituated between Arhat Peak and Incense Burner Peak, the 890 meter, the sprawling Cloud Dispersing Pavilion is approached by climbing the eastern side of Mount Huang and then passing Kuzhuxi. The temple, hidden between Boyu Peak and Luohan Peak, is surrounded by ridges and peaks, pines and bamboo. On the southern roadside are stone carvings from various generations.

On the way back from the Cloud Dispersing Pavilion, one can stop to watch the pouring and thunderous Hundred Feet Waterfall at close distance before finally returning to the Hot Spring. The frequent-used cable car station and a hotel are located here with secluded setting within the pine and bamboo forest. The relics of Cloud Dispersing Pavilion here attracts quite amount of pilgrims. This area is also used by most of the visitors as jump-off point to climb the mountain trails.