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Grotesque Rocks of Huangshan

Huangshan Grotesque Rocks of Huangshan, Huangshan Attractions,  Huangshan Travel GuideOn every peak of Huangshan there are numerous grotesque rocks with such vivid names "Immortal Pointing the Way", "Magpie on a Plum Tree", "Eighteen Arhats Facing the South Sea", "Goddess Embroidering", "Immortal Sunning His Boot", "Squirrel Skipping to celestial Capital", "Golden Cock Crowing towards the Heavenly Gate", "Monkey Gazing at the Sea", "Boy Worshiping Buddha Guanine" and ''Rock Flying from afar", etc. These fantastic rocks turn Huangshan into a museum of natural sculptures. They are the result of geological evolution and the structure of the mountain. Early in the Quaternary Glacier Period, the landforms of Huangshan underwent great changes. Permeated and eroded by the glacier for millions upon millions of years, some rocks were split open and others collapsed. Owing to exposure to nature over the years, rocks gradually took various shapes. Huge grotesque rocks with inscriptions such as "Dragon's Head", "Tiger's Head", "Fascination" and" Eternalness" --one sees at Peach Blossom Stream and the lower place of Cloud Valley Temple in Huangshan were rushed here by the glacier.