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Stone inscriptions of the Yellow Mountains

Huangshan Stone Inscriptions, Huangshan Attractions,  Huangshan Travel GuideNumerous stone inscriptions of past generations are extant. They are specimens of fine calligraphy as well as literary descriptions of Huangshan scenery "Clouds in a myriad forms", "Fantastic and beautiful", "Peaks piercing the sky", "A picture painted by the hand of Nature", ''Magnificent and fanciful'', ''Beautiful rivers and mountains", "A roaring stone lion", "Hark! The dragon's roaring", "A recumbent cloud", Fascinating ", "Eternalness", "Intoxicated rock", etc. The last one has a legend behind it: Li Bai, the great Tang poet, was said to be so enraptured by Huangshan scenery that he drank his fill and sang wildly walking around the rock. At last the rock got intoxicated together with the tumbled poet.