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Tiandu Peak

HuangshanTiandu Peak, Huangshan Attractions,  Huangshan Travel GuideTiandu (Celestial Capital) Peak is a third spot that simply must be visited if you spend any time in the park. It is a fascinating height of 1,810 meter. The climb, dangerous in the old days, is a "walk-over", with stone steps placed or hewn along the trail and iron chains to cling to. Now 43,000 steps link all the peaks and a winding path 3,800 meters long has been paved for the convenience of tourists. The peak is over 5900, is one of the steepest and most breathtaking peaks of Mount Huang. At the top of the peak is a stone carving of 4 Chinese characters "Deng Feng Zao Ji" (the highest peak), as the peak surpasses the others in the surrounding area. A traveler in old times that failed to reach the top sighed as he composed this poem:

“How I wish I could ride a crane some day to view the sea of clouds over Tiandu Peak.”

The top of the peak is flat with a natural cave large enough to hold more than one hundred people. The saying goes: “Without reaching Jade Screen Pavilion, a panoramic view of the mountain is impossible; without climbing Tiandu Peak, your trip is in vain”.

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