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Yuping Pavilion

Huangshan Yuping Pavilion, Huangshan Attractions, Huangshan Travel GuideStanding high in the clouds, Yuping Pavilionr is known as an imperial palace in the heaven. Adjacent to it are the Bright Top Peak, the Lotus Flower Peak and the Heavenly Capital Peak over 1800 meters above sea level .The Heavenly Capital Peak is the most exhilaratingly steep of the three, but well worth a little effort to ascend. The Yuping Pavilionr stands against the 1,668-meter high Jade Screen Peak. At over 5500 feet, the Jade Screen offers a panoramic view of the whole mountain. A unique experience is to watch white cloud masses drift below after rain, when picturesque mountain peaks, fantastic rock formations and green pines are enveloped in mist, only their tops showing. Originally the seat of Manjusri Temple, it is now a tourist center with complete service facilities. Around the Tower are elephant and lion shaped rocks and ancient pines. In front of the Tower there emerge to the left the Celestial Capital Peak and Ploughing Cloud Peak. On Ploughing Cloud Peak there is a rock which looks like a squirrel jumping at the Celestial Capital Peak. Below the peak there is another odd shaped rock which conjures up a scene of an immortal getting off a sedan chair. To the right are Lotus Peak, Lotus Pistil Peak and Holy Spring Peak. Viewed from distance the rock on Lotus Pistil Peak looks like a small boating-sailing through the ocean of clouds. Beside the peak there stands a rock that resembles a peacock playing in the lotus. Standing on the terrace in front of the pine, one is greeted by a panorama of numerous and rocks half hidden in the clouds. Therefore, a visit to the Yuping Pavilionr has long been considered a must for a tour of the Yellow Mountains.

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