Jiayuguan Restaurants

Jiayuguan Pulled-noodles, Jiayuguan Restaurants, Jiayuguan Travel GuideJiayuguan is famous for its noodles. Pulled noodles, noodles with minced meat, and Paozhang noodles are just three of a large variety.

Yongfu Northwest Restaurant
Add: #21-33 Xinhua Street, Jiayuguan
Tel: 6233208

Yangguang Restaurant
Add: #11 West Fuqiang Rd, Jiayuguan District, Jiayuguan
Tel: 6231836

Shuntian Restaurant
Add: Wuyi Rd, Jiayuguan District, Jiayuguan
Tel: 6289598

Handu Barbecue
Add: #39 Dazhong Street, Jiayuguan
Tel: 6260698

Yimeng Little Sheep Fire Dishing
Add: Sanhechun Building, West Yingbin Rd, Jiayuguan
Tel: 6317508

Oriental Pearl Restaurant
Add: #19 East Lanxin Rd, Jiayuguan
Tel: 6263112

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