Jingdezhen Transportation

Jingdezhen is a political, economic, and cultural center of Jiangxi province. Since ancient times, the city has been an important commercial center and transportation hub that links the north and the south, the east and the west. Jingdezhen City has a well-developed traffic system consisting of waterways, highways, railways and airport.


Jingdezhen International Airport, Jingdezhen Transportation, Jingdezhen Travel GuideThe airport in Jingdezhen City services more than 20 air lines and connects the city with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities around the country.


The railway station links Jingdezhen and many other cities all around the country and handles thousands of passengers every day.


There are several expressways linking Jingdezhen to other cities in the province and other places in the country. The road condition is good and it is very convenient for tourists to travel by bus.


Jingdezhen City is a port city offering links to various cities along the coast.


Taxis are readily available and inexpensive.