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Jinghong Attractions

Black and White Pagodas Jinghong Black and White Pagodas, Jinghong Attractions,  Jinghong Travel Guide
Beautiful and fascinating Xishuangbanna is famous all over the world, and is a very popular Yunnan tourist destination. Jinghong city is the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture. The city retains the characteristics of the tropical rainforest landscape by which it is surrounded; it also has a strong flavor of the customs of the local national minority groups. Among local scenic spots are Peacock Lake, Manting Park, the Dai Nationality Culture and Customs Garden, Manjinglan Nationality Flavor Food City, and the Tropical Botany Institute. Constructed in 1203, White Pagoda was shaped after bamboo shoot.

Tropical Botanical Garden Jinghong Tropical Botanical Garden, Jinghong Attractions, Jinghong Travel Guide
At the time of establishment, the Tropical Botanical Garden put sufficient emphasis on the study of the ethical botany. In the 1980s,China carried out systematic and overall studies on ethical plants and made important achievements. In order to display these results sufficiently, the Tropical Botanical Garden constructed the Park of Folks & Plants in 1992. The garden occupies an area of 4 hectares, within the garden, there are the Rain Forests of Xishuangbanna and the Ethical Plant Culture Museum, the Ethical Wild Vegetable Zone, the Traditional Drinking Plants Zone, the National Medicinal Plants Quarter and Religious Plant Quarter etc.

Wild Elephant ValleyJinghong Wild Elephant Valley, Jinghong Attractions, Jinghong Travel Guide
Wild Elephant Valley is to the North of Jinghong City, about 50 kilometers far. It actually is a nature reserve for tropical rainforest and wild lives. Here in jungle live about 70 wild Asian elephants. Wild elephants usually come out at night, so people built a small hotel on tops of trees in forest for tourists who want to observe wild elephants closely. A 2-kilometer long cable way in the park enables people to enjoy rainforest view from the air. Lancang River originates from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it penetrates Yunnan from northwest to the south and transverses Xishuangbanna; after it inflows to the border areas of the Laos and Burma, it is called Mekong; and it passes through the Laos, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and ingresses into the South China Sea at last.

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