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Jinghong Travel Guide

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Jinghong is the capital city of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. It is a small city on the Lancang River with lush tropical and subtropical scenery and a unique folk culture.

The city is located in the south part of Yunnan Province, with Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces to its northeast, Tibet Autonomous Region to its northwest and Guangxi Province to its west. Jinghong City is about 710 km from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, 110 km from Chiang Rai, 190 km from Myanmar and 680 km from PDR Laos.


A well-known story about the city's name says that once upon a time, the Chief of the Dai group chased a golden deer. He lost the deer in the forests of the present Jinghong area. The Chief found that the land here was flat and fertile, so he lead the Dai group here and named the city "Jinghong," meaning "the city of dawn."

Jinghong City is well-known for its beautiful peacocks. The ancient name of Jinghong City is "Yong," which means peacocks and the city is sometimes called "the city of peacocks."

Geography & Climate

The Hengduanshan Mountain is to the south of Jinghong City, with Lancang River passing through this area. It covers an area of 7,003 square km with a population of 817,800. The city is located between the north tropical zone and south subtropical zone and enjoys a humid monsoon climate, with a long summer and virtually no actual winter. The annual average temperature is about 19C (69F).

Places to See

Jinghong is a beautiful place with a multitude of scenic spots and places of cultural interest. Among local scenic spots are Peacock Lake, Manting Park, the Dai Nationality Culture and Customs Garden, Manjinglan Nationality Flavor Food City, and the Tropical Botany Institute. The many Buddhist pagodas of Xishuangbanna, with their unique architectural characteristics, are also popular tourist destinations. The most outstanding ones are the White Pagoda of Menglong, and Black Pagoda of Damenglong.

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Jinghong is home to 13 ethnic groups including the Dali, the Hani, the Jinuo, and the Bulang. People of minority nationalities account for about 65% of the total population. The Dai people have the largest population. They are mild and very versatile. The Dai people believe in Buddhism and Buddhist temples are scattered around every village. Rich and colorful minority festivals attract numerous tourists each year. The Water-Splashing Festival, the Dai New Year celebration, is celebrated every year in the 6th month of the Dai calendar.

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