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Kaifeng Travel Guide

Kaifeng City - Kaifeng Travel GuideSituated on the southern bank of the Yellow River in Henan Province, Kaifeng is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. It is an industrial, agricultural and commercial trade center.

Geographic Features

Kaifeng has a total area of 6,444 square kilometers. Located on the flatland of the east Henan plain and south of the Yellow River, it is endowed with plentiful water resources. Kaifeng enjoys a temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, satisfactory rainfall and adequate sunshine. The annual average temperature is 14.24- 14.5 C and the average annual rainfall 670mm.


Kaifeng has a population of 620,000. The natives mainly are Han nationality. The main religion is Taoism and Buddhism. Dragon PavilionThe natives speak their local dialect and the government language is Mandarin.


With a recorded history close to 3,000 years, Kaifeng is known as one of the six major centers of ancient Chinese civilization. A city was located in this location as early as the Shang period (1334-1066 B.C.). It was the capital city for several dynasties for hundreds of years. The Eastern Capital, as Kaifeng was once called, was the political, economic and cultural center of the country. It was said that "Kaifeng was unsurpassed anywhere in splendor and prosperity".

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