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Memorial Temple to Lord Bao

Memorial Temple to Lord Bao - Kaifeng Travel GuideLocated on the west bank of Baogong Lake, the Baogong Memorial Temple was built to commemorate the respectable and morally lofty official Bao Zheng in the Northern Song Dynasty in 1984. Baogong has been honored as one of the most honest and upright judges in Chinese history and has been praised by generation after generation. Many Chinese operas use him as a character. The temple occupies a floorage of 1,800 sq. meters and consists of three sections, namely main exhibition area, garden landscape area and function service area. The main exhibition area consists of main hall, secondary hall, flank halls on the east and west sides, Hall-wall Corridor, the stone stele pavilion and the main entrance, most of which were designed and built in typical Song style. In the center of the Main Hall a bronze statue of Lord Bao stands some almost 12 feet high and weighs five thousand pounds. On the gable walls of the four sides, there are four large painted murals which mirror the significant achievements of Bao Zheng. In the second Hall, there is a rubbing of Bao Gong's stone carving statue. In the display cabinet, hangs an inspiring poem written by Bao Zheng which represents his idea and resolution about his official career. The family precepts drafted by Bao Zheng is also shown in the display cabinet, saying that the offspring of his family, once found corrupted in the official posts should not be allowed to return to the family, should not be buried in the family ancestral cemetery and those who do not obey this will not be his offspring.

Memorial Temple to Lord Bao - Kaifeng Travel Guide

In the east and west two subsidiary halls, the sculptures and pictures connected with the stories and tales about Bao Zheng are exhibited and the three copper cutters used to punish the convicted are also on display. Articles on display include Lord Bao's statue, the copper choppers, Lord Bao wax doll in work, historic materials and classic books concerned to Duke Bao, monument inscription, and "Kaifeng Residence and Office monument inscription" with a style of simple, unsophisticated and solemnity.

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