Korla Shopping

There are a large variety of souvenir shops in Korla, selling fruit, herbal medicine and jade products.

Fragrant Pears

Korla Fragrant Pears, Korla Shopping, Korla Travel GuideKorla is well known for its fragrant pears and has a history of 2,000 of pear cultivation. These "honey pears of China" have a honey aroma, thin skin, tender flesh and are beautifully colored.


Xinjiang is well-known as the "hometown of fruits and melons" and boasts various kinds of fruits, among which raisins are the most well-known. Raisins in Xinjiang have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years and are known "green pearls" in the west of China. Raisins are rich in natural fructose, protein, vitamin, cellulose and various microelements.


The oases around the Tarim Basin are known for the quality of the walnuts grown there. Xinjiang's big, thin-skinned walnuts are called Yanggak by the local people and are exported to many countries around the world.

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