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Korla Scenery, Korla Travel GuideKorla City, located in the southeast of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, is the capital of the Bayangol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, the largest prefecture in China. The city is situated on the northern fringe of the Tarim Basin and at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains. It covers a total area of 7,116.9 square km with a population of 380,400, among which there are various minorities including Mongols, Uygurs, Hui, and Tibetans.


The city of Korla was known as Weili in ancient times and served as one of the important stops on the ancient Silk Road. At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, the city served as the site of the ancient Juli Kingdom. Korla City has become the political, economical, cultural and educational center of the Bayangol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture.


Korla City is located on the southern slope of the Tianshan Mountains and at the northeast edge of the Tarim Basin. The area has a continental climate characterized by dry weather, light rainfall, adequate sunshine and a huge temperature disparity between day and night. May through October is the best time to travel to Korla.

Bayanbulak Grasslands, Korla Travel GuideTourism Resources

Korla City appeals to tourists with its breathing-taking scenery, rich culture and long history. Favorable geographical features endow the city with abundant natural scenic spots, including the Bosten Lake, the Bayanbulak Grasslands, the Taklimakan Desert, the Altun Mountain Nature Reserve, and the Yadan scenic spot.

Tiemen Gate, the Ancient city of Loulan, the Xikeqin Thousand Buddha Caves, the remains of Miran and the Yellow Lamasery in Baluntai, are a few of the cultural sites for which the region is known.

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