Swan Lake

Korla Swan Lake, Korla Attractions, Korla Travel GuideBayinburuke means “Rich Fountains” in the Mongolian. The adequate water supply there endows the area with luxurious grasslands, large varieties of flowers and hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep.

Bayinburuke is the second largest grassland in China covering an area of 23,000 square km. This vast highland prairie is home to the descendents of Mongols who came to the place from Russia about 100 years ago.

Bayinburuke Grassland is famous for Swan Lake, the only nature reserve for swans in China and one of the largest swan reserves in the world. Thousands of swans of different species live in the area, providing the spectacle of thousands of swans in flight across the vast open sky. Swan Lake is comprised of hundreds of small connected ponds with springs and streams, stretching about 300 square km. With its sparkling water, reedy marshes and adjacent grasslands, Swan Lake serves as a perfect haven for swans.

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