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Lanzhou Useful Contact

Lanzhou Area Code: 0931

Emergency Numbers
Police: 110
Fire: 119
Telephone Numbers: 114
Weather: 121
Municipal First-Aid Center: 120

Tourist Complian Hotline
Gansu Provincial Tourism Bureau
Add!: #10 Nongmin Rd. Lanzhou
Tel: 8410368

Gansu Provincial Tourism Complain Hotline: 8826860/8416638-6384

Lanzhou Tourism Bureau
Add: #75 Jinchang Rd. Lanzhou

Gansu People's Hospital
Address: West Donggang Road
Tel: 8281911

Hospital Affiliated to Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Address: East Dingxi Road
Tel: 8619986

Lanzhou NO.2 People's Hospital
Address: Jingyuan Road
Tel: 8363216

Lanzhou NO.1 People's Hospital
Address: West Wujiayuan Street
Tel: 2335411

Railway Enquiry: 224942
Airport Information Inquiry: 8823744
Railway Inquiry: 8822142/ 8825936
Long Distance Bus Service:Tel: 8418411(East Station)/ 2333285(West Station)

Post & Telecommunications
Post Code Inquiry: 8417318/ 8417319
Long Distance Call Service: 8822432/ 8824128

Banks & Credit Card
Lanzhou Commercial Bank
Tel: 8817742
Add: #22 Jingning Rd. Lanzhou Lanzhou Agricultural Bank
Tel: 8461721
Add: #31 Gulou Rd. Lanzhou

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