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The Sangke Grasslands

Sangke GrasslandsThe Sangke Grasslands (Sangke caoyuan), lying at an average altitude of over 3,000m above sea level, is situated a short 14km from Xiahe. This vast expanse of grassy plains, covering an area of around 70 square kilometers, is a lonely, beautiful place that is a nice change for those from bustling Chengdu or Lanzhou. There are only 4,000 Tibetan nomads on the grasslands, all wrapped up in their many, dirty layers, who graze yak herds and offer tourists the chance of a ride upon their horses. Entertainment here varies according to your preference. Botanists and hikers will be happy to just set off into the rolling hills, but for those after a little more exciting the horse rides, costing around RMB25, are good fun. Food here consists of a very Tibetan affair with courses and beverages such as yak butter tea, chang, Tibetan buns and the famous "Hand Held Mutton" (Shouzhua yangrou). Nighttime is for Tibetan and Western singing and dancing with the locals, until the bonfire crackles low and your Tibetan yurt be cons.

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