Leshan Restaurants

Leshan City is surrounded by rivers and water. The typical food is fish and bean curd. The most representative dishes are Minjiang River fish. Many restaurants along Minjiang River offer as many as a dishes made from bean curd. Jiangtuan, a local fish is considered by many to be the most delicious.

Minjiang River Fish, Leshan Restaurants, Leshan Travel GuideJiangshanruhua Restaurant
Add: Holiday Plaza, #36 Binjiang Rd, Leshan

Dezi Fishing Village
Add: Wanghaoer Street, Central Leshan

Honglilai Restaurant
Add: South Jiajia Rd, Central Leshan

Xiba Tofu Restaurant
Add: Leshan Port, Central Leshan

Suihe Flavor Store
Add: North Jiading Rd, Central Leshan

Honggaoliang Restaurant
Add: Middle Baiyan Rd, Central Leshan

Yunding Recreational Passage
Add: #229 Middle Xijiajia Rd, Central Leshan

Chongqing Liuyishou Chafing Dish
Add: Huideyangguang Plaza, Central Leshan
Tel: 2111399

Face to Face Noodle Store
Add: Near the Educational College, Central Leshan

Backstreet Restaurant
Add: Tianxiamingshan Memorial Archway, Leshan
Tel: 5590998

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