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Longsheng is a mountainous county famous for its rich local specialties: Longji tea, peppers, watery wine, glutinous rice, soapstone wares, bamboo wares and vegetables.

Longji Tea, Longsheng Shopping, Longsheng Travel GuideLongji tea has a special flavor. When one tastes the tea, they first find it bitter, but the taste then becomes sweet.

Longji watery wine, made from Longji glutinous rice, is mellow and refreshing.

Longji peppers are especially spicy. The rinds are thick, the seeds are tiny, and the piquancy is mild.

Longsheng soap stones are the best-quality materials for carving. Folk artists engrave a variety of scenes and subjects on the stones. These stone carvings make great souvenirs.

The mountainous areas of Longsheng abound with bamboo, especially sifang, luohan and zi bamboo. Local inhabitants make walking sticks from the bamboo, engraving characters, like "Longsheng Memento", on the sticks. Tourists like this kind of souvenir, because they are useful as well as commemorative.

Various handicrafts and art made by minorities such as Zhuang brocade, Dong blankets, Dong kerchiefs, Dong brocades, Yao embroidered items, colored silk balls, insoles, and perfume pouches. Tourists can watch the creative processes as well as try it themselves if they would like to.

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