Mochou Lake Park

Mochou Lake Park, Nanjing Attractions, Nanjing Travel GuideBeing the most famous and popular park in Nanjing, Mochou Lake got the name from a beautiful legend about Mochou (479-502AD), girl from Luoyang in Henan Province. She was famous for her beauty and her name Mochou that means "no worries" in Chinese. Mochou married the Luo's, a wealthy family in Nanjing in order to get enough money to bury her father. Unfortunately, the girl was so unhappy with her new life that she committed suicide by jumping in the Mochou Lake.

Despite this sad history, Mochou Lake park is a vast open area in the west of the city, consisting of a pretty lake and pathways. This is a nice place to get away from the city traffic and noise. Places of interest on the lake are the Chess Tower, Moon-embracing Tower and the Cemetery for Generals. This park was just recently renovated.