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Nanjing Nightlife

Theatres & Concerts

Jinling Music Performance
Add: #101 Zhongshan S. Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 4417903
Description: It shows the traditional Chinese music.
Open: 8pm-10pm

Bar / Teahouses / Clubs

The Golden Age Club
Add: #89 Hanzhong Rd., Nanjing
Tel: 4718888
Description: Being the most popular club in the city, it offers cognac and other drinks in a posh piano bar "lobby".
Open: 8:30 PM - 1:30AM

Blowing in the Wind
Add: #13 Jinyin St., Nanjing
Tel: 3232486
Description: It's popular with students, foreigners, and jazz-lovers. Musical performances are available nightly at 9:30pm.
Open: 6pm-2am

Zheng Da
Add: #9 Zhongyang, Nanjing
Tel: 3356386
Description: Really popular among the college-age Chinese crowd, Zheng Da plays excellent music and offers KTV boxes. The music is pretty good.
Open: 7PM - 12:30AM

Add: #29 Gulou chezhan Dongxiang, Nanjing
Tel: 3351916
Description: It's very much like a western pub with red wood furnishings and two-story seating.
Open: 7pm-2am

Orgies Club
Add: #202 Zhongshan N. Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 3419991
Description: A large dance floor, a separate karaoke area and small snack area.
Open: 9pm-3am

City Hunter
Add: #1-1 Beijing West Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 6632584
Description: As a stylish pub, it serves good beers and snacks. The music bar plays jazz, blues, and rock & roll.
Open: 6:30pm-4am

Banpo Village
Add: #32 Qingdao Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 3324627
Description: As one of the popular bars in Nanjing, it serves a good place for relaxing.
Open: 6:30pm-4am

Langqiao Teahouse
Add: #96 Zhongshan Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 4725940
Open: 10am-late

Gulou Teahouse
Add: #1 Beijing W. Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 3301140
Description: Conveniently located in downtown, it's one of the best popular teahouses in the city.
Open: 9am-late


Nanjing Harvard Golf Club
Add: Pearl Spring Scenic Spot, Nanjing
Description: The first golf course in town with an area of 124 acres, beautiful setting, 18 holes.
Tel: 8853333

Minrendao Amusement Co. Ltd
Add: #89 Huanhu Village Nanjing
Tel: 5420111
Description: One of the largest amusement centers in the city.
Open: 7pm-late

Minxing Gymnasium
Add: #28 Doucai Bridge, Nanjing
Tel: 6632530
Open: 10am-10pm

Honglou Cinema
Add: #136 Zhongshan E. Rd. Nanjing
Tel: 4521643
Description: The best cinema in the city.
Open: 10am-10pm

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