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People and Social Customs

Chinese Numbers

In China, Chinese numbers have significant symbolic meanings. It is thought that some numbers are lucky and some are unlucky. It is believed that numbers can be used to determine whether someone becomes rich or poor.

The number four is one to be avoided. In Mandarin Chinese, the word four sounds the same as that for death. According to Chinese belief, if a number is homophonous with an ominous word, then it is unlucky to use that number. Chinese people do not like to have vehicle registration plates with the number four because it could cause a fatal accident. The same also applies to a phone number or a residential or business address.

The number eight is a lucky number, and is greatly welcomed by the Chinese. According to the Cantonese pronunciation, it sounds like Fa which means wealthy and good fortune. Therefore, the number eight is a favorite with Chinese businessman. Vehicle registration plates and phone numbers with many eights are considered to be fortunate.

The number nine is pronounced Jiu; in Chinese that means perpetual and permanent. The meaning is auspicious for Chinese who wish for something everlasting.

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