People's Square

People's Square - Shanghai Travel Guide

Located at the very center of the city, People's Square is a garden-type open space surrounded by buildings and facilities for administration, cultural activities, transportation and commerce. On its north is the People's Mansion, to its northwest the Shanghai Grand Theater, to its northeast the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, and to its south the Shanghai Museum. Flanked on both sides by 17-meter-wide green belts, People's Avenue goes across the center of the square. The total green areas in the square reach 80,000 square meters. Seemingly the only broad expanse in the city, spreading before the newly built Museum, People's Square is now perhaps the most popular place for city residents to unwind. Watch the men fly beautiful handmade kites, see the couples waltz, observe the only-children with their doting parents. Quite centrally located, the Square also offers an interesting panorama of Shanghai's skyline old and new.