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Shanghai Nightlife

Theaters & Concerts

Shanghai Acrobatic Theatre
Add: #1376 W. Nanjing Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62798606
Description: One of the most popular theatres where the acrobatic performance is on shows every night.
Hours: 7:30PM-9: 30PM

Shanghai Concert Hall
Shanghai Concert Hall - Shanghai NightlifeAdd: #523 E. Yan'an Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 63869153
Description: It primarily hosts classical music performances by local groups.
Hours: 8PM-10PM

Shanghai Grand Theatre
Add: #300 Renmin Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 63868686
Description: It shows everything from Irish dancing to Russian ballet.
Hours: 8PM-10PM

Majestic Theatre
Add: #66 Jiangning Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62174409
Description: As Shanghai's oldest theater, it shows a variety of programs including ballet, tango, and opera.
Hours: 8PM-10PM

Yifu Theatre
Add: #71 Fuzhou Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 63514668
Description: It shows traditional Beijing opera and Shanghai's local "Hu" style opera on Sunday afternoons.
Hours: 8PM-10PM


Hard Rock Cafe
Add: #1376 W. Nanjing Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62798133
Description: It provides a spirited atmosphere to drink and listen to live pop and rock music
Hours: 8PM-midnight

The Cotton Club
Add: #1428 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64377110
Description: It boasts the best live blues and jazz acts in Shanghai.
Hours: 7:30PM-midnight

Park 97
Add: #2 Gaolan Rd. Fuxing Park, Shanghai
Tel: 63180785
Hours: 8PM-midnight

Add: #878 Julu Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62495512
Description: It's one of the few places in Shanghai with salsa dancing.
Hours: 8PM-midnight

Add: #1088 Liyang Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 56714936
Description: Underground club popular with students.
Hours: 7PM-2AM

Club - Shanghai NightlifeRojan Disco
Add: #283 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64335086
Description: With the "American-style" disco, it is popular with local young people.
Hours: 8PM-1AM

Jurassic Pub
Add: #8 S. Maoming Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62534627
Hours: 8PM-midnight

Add: 5/F, Grand Gateway Plaza, #1 Hongqiao Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 54510002
Description: One of the most popular disc bars in Shanghai.
Hours: 7PM-midnight

Judy's Place
Add: entrance on Changle Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64370667
Description: It serves German draught beer and food with dancing.
Hours: 8PM-midnight

KK Disco
Add: #558 Kaixuan Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62127318
Description: It's always crowded with young people.
Hours: 7PM-2AM

Peace Hotel
Add: #8 S. Maoming Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62534627
Description: German-style pub famous for their house band, Peace Hotel Old Jazz Band, made up of men in their 60s and 70s who played jazz in dance halls.
Hours: 8PM-midnight

Blues and Jazz
Add: #44 Sinan Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 63272475
Description: It boasts one of the best collections of jazz CDs in Shanghai.
Hours: 8PM-midnight

Golden Age
Add: #918 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64158818
Description: One of the most luxurious nightclubs in Shanghai.
Hours: 8PM-midnight

Tangyun Teahouse
Add: #199 Hengshan Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 34060126
Hours: 8AM-11PM


Shanghai Film City
Add: #160 Xinhua Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 62806088
Description: It's the biggest cinema in Shanghai.
Hours: 9AM-10PM

Paradise Cinema
Add: #308 Anfu Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64312961
Hours: 9AM-10PM

Quyang Bowling Room
Quyang Bowling Room - Shanghai NightlifeAdd: #789 Quyang Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 65423906
Hours: 24 hours

Shanghai High Point Bowling Sports Co., LTD
Add: #456 East Jiangwan Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 66711111
Description: Equipped with the advanced facilities, it is the largest bowling center in Shanghai.
Hours: 24 hours

Babaiban Snooker Center
Add: Babaiban Shopping Mall, No. 501 Zhangyang Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 58300289
Hours: 10AM-midnight

SSC Karting Club, LTD
Add: #666 Tianyaoqiao Rd. Shanghai
Tel: 64265180
Hours: 10AM-1AM

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