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Shanghai Zoological Park

Shanghai Zoological Park - Shanghai Travel GuideShanghai Zoological Park, formerly known as Western Suburb Park, now is a cultural and entertainment park. The park covers an area of 74 hectares. It was opened to the public on May 25, 1954 in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the liberation of the metropolis. It has been extended to a large and synthetic park with its own distinguishing feature during its 45 years of construction. There are many excellent animal tourism spots in the park, such as Golden Fish Porch, Elephant Building, Giraffe Building, Panda Mountain, Lion and Tiger Mountain, Great Ape House, and Monkey Mountain. In addition to those old features, some new buildings have been built in recent years, including Sea Mammal Building, Amphibian and Reptile Building, Popular Science Building, and Anthropoid Building, Tropical Bird House, Natural Birds Garden, Herbivores Area, Primate House, Squirrel Monkey Ecological Garden, and Leopard House. Now the park exhibits more than 600 species, with 6000 specimen, nearly includes most representative species of vertebrate orders. Over 200 species have reproduced in the past decades, and some of them has founded their breeding population, such as Giraffe, Zebra, Red Gora1, Takin, South China Tiger, Francois' Leaf Monkey, Ring-tailed Lemur, Oriental White Stork and Spot-billed Pelican. Shanghai Zoo has its own peculiar style of landscaping. There are 385 species of plants with 65,000 specimen growing in the Park. All kinds of plants integrate into the ecological environment, which make the park full of natural flavor. The scenery in the park is always beautiful in all seasons. In spring, there are all sorts of flower vying with each other in beauty. In summer, all kinds of trees and grass would grow densely. In autumn, the tree leaves change yellow and lots of fruit would be produced. In winter, green pines and verdant bamboo stand vivid. With its variety of animals and beautiful environments, Shanghai Zoological Park is a very famous scenic spot in Shanghai.