Zhao Mausoleum

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The Zhao Mausoleum is situated in the Beiling Park, the largest park in Shenyang City, north to the Taishan Road in the Huanggu District. It is the tomb of Qingtaizong Huangtaiji, the second emperor of Qing Dynasty, and the queen Xiaoduanwen Boerjijite. Since it is located in the north of Shenyang , it is also called the Northern Mausoleum. It was constructed in 1643 and finished in 1651. Covering an area of 4,500,000 square meters, Zhao Mausoleum was the largest one among the "three Mausoleums outside the Shanhaiguan Pass" before the Qing State entered the pass, and the main part of the Beiling Park. After liberation, it was enlarged to be known as Beiling Park and many pavilions and a man-made lake were constructed inside. On the southwest of Beiling Park, there is Fangxiu Garden, on the southeast side there are South Lake and Qingnian Lake, and on the north shady trees and colorful flowers add much beauty to the landscape. Beiling Park is the largest in Shenyang city. It applied to be listed as one of World's Cultural heritages.

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