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Chinese Folk Culture Village

Shenzhen Chinese Folk Culture VillageCovering an area of 18 hectares in Shenzhen city, China Folk Culture Village, a sister park of Splendid China which is composed of ethnic villages representing 56 nationalities, is a large tourist center where folk arts, folk customs and folk dwellings of China's various nationalities are on display.

In addition to appreciating various ethnic architectural styles, visitors can expect to enjoy watching as well as taking part in the singing and dancing of different nationalities, the on the spot demonstrations of making handicrafts; taste local delicacies with typical ethnic flavors; watch carnival of national arts, song and dance performance by professional artists; visit an exhibition hall of folk customs and enjoy folk festive celebrations, etc. Visitors can have a taste of the colorful cultures of China's 56 nationalities.

In China Folk Culture Villages, you can find a stone forest of Yunnan, a forest of coconut palms of Hainan, towering age-old banyans from Nanbin, a high statue of the Thousand-handed and Thousand-eyed Guanyin (or the Goddess of Mercy), memorial stone archways of Huizhou, laser folk music fountains, etc. Undulating hills, roaring waterfalls, winding streams and racing boats enliven the scenery in the tourist center, where visitor may make sightseeing tours on foot, by vehicle, or by boat. A grand folk festive celebration will be held each month in the Villages. Grand, romantic, rejoicing and auspicious, these festivities will enable visitors to take in the happy atmosphere of the magnificent occasions and to feel the poetic quality of the life of the Chinese nation.

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