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Shenzhen Nightlife

Theaters & Concerts

Shadu Song and Dance Hall
Add: Located within Shenzhen Grand Theatre.
Description: Shadu is an upper-scale entertainment facility which combines dancing, performing and Karaoke as well as other activities.

Bars & Clubs & Teahouses

Shenzhen Qianye Sunshine Club, Shenzhen Nightlife, Shenzhen Travel GuideQianye Sunshine Club
Add: Located in Sunshine Hotel.
Description: The club is currently the largest and most luxurious nightclub in the city.

Moonlight Song & Dance Club
Add: located at the intersection East Shennan Road and Riverside Road.
Description: The club has an extendable and retractable dance floor and a moving band deck. A large professional band, a fully staffed dance team, and the excellent management offer guests high quality service and entertainment.

Hailong Palace Night Club
Add: The club is located in the Honey Lake Country Club 7 kilometers from the city and is the one of the city's earliest dance clubs.
Description: Hailong has the largest performing stage and the largest in-door dance hall--capable of accommodating over 1,000 people.

Crystal Palace Song and Dance Club
Add: The club is located on the first floor of the Jingdu Hotel on South Hongling Road.
Description: one of the largest nightclubs.

The Fly
Add: #18 Mingyang Rd.
Description: The Fly has a large open plan dance floor, two independent party rooms with their own sound and lighting systems and two karaoke rooms installed with the latest technology. What sets the Fly apart from other clubs in Shenzhen is the music. The Fly has an international deejay playing a variety array of music.

U Bar
Add: 3rd floor, Ocean Pacific Mansion, Jiabin road
Description: Brand new late night bar with no cover charge

Michell's House
Add: 2nd. Floor Juntingmingyuan (Imperial Place), Bao'an nan Road (Behind the Diwang Bldg.)
Description: This is where the wild stuff will happen. Built from the ground up to encourage dancing on the bar and other crazy antics, DJ Charles is back spinning his good dancing tunes.

Nutaste Coffee & Wine Bar
Shenzhen Wine Bar, Shenzhen Nightlife, Shenzhen Travel GuideAdd: Overseas Chinese Town, CMALL (On Wal-Mart Side)
Tel: 2693-4743
Description: Find some real coffee and real wine in Shenzhen. Here you can just chill out with your friends and have a drink. Wine comes from Melbourne, Australia. If you need help choosing just ask the friendly Australian manager.

Cactus Restaurant & Bar
Add: Building 617, Ba Gua 1 Road (close to Shenzhen stadium), Fu Tian district
Tel: 8247-2666
Description: Nice combination bar and restaurant.

V Bar
Add: Crown Plaza Shenzhen 3rd floor poolside, 9026 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town
Tel: 2693-6888 ext. 8022
Description: Classy bar with a live band playing popular dance hits. It raises the standard for bars and discos in Shenzhen.

Tashe Delick Bar
Add: No. 2033 Honglingzhonglu, Shanghai Shizhuang Company 3rd floor (opposite corner from No 7 Zhidui)
Tel: 8241-8028
Description: Bar with Tibetan style music performances and decoration. Be sure to try the Yak meat.

Firkin Tavern Fine Food & Drink
Add: First Floor, Ying Zhou Building Shekou
Tel: 2669-6373
Description: Irish Pub
The Base Bar
Add: 2nd floor of the Tailingshijie on North Dongmen Rd.
Tel: 2553-0046
Description: Popular Shenzhen rock bar. Well known, enough to bring in acts from Hong Kong and Beijing.

Book Bar
Add: 8A Ground Floor Baihua Gongyu Bldg #1 Baihua Rd. 2. Futian District
Tel: 8366-9689
Description: Attempts to be a nice cozy place to read but the big screen TV distracts while the coffee and food are lacking in quality.

Italian Best Coffee
Add: Diwang Commercial Center, Luohu
Tel: 2583-0499

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