Window of the World

Window of the World is situated in the Overseas Chinese Town near Shenzhen Bay and covers a total area of 480,000 square kilometers. It has assembled the marvelous scenes and sites of historical interest in the world, the ancient and modern natural landscapes and attractions as well as dwelling houses, sculptures, drawings and even folklore and theatrical performances, with a very wonderful land reappearing to tourists! The slogan of Window of the world is "give me a day and we will show you a splendid world". Scenic spots in Window of the World are divided in accordance with the Five Continents, forming a magnificent world together with World Square, World Sculptures Garden, International Street, and Jurassic Park.118 scenic spots are imitated according to different scales. Visitors acclaim them as the acme of perfection because the scenes are so exquisite and vivid. Scenic spots in Window of the World are like solid symphonic poems, while the fabulous folk performances are like moving custom paintings. When night falls, grand folk song and dance shows and carnivals parade on World Square incisively manifest the theme of window of the world-"The world will be happy together with you".

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