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The general characteristics of the climate in Shigatse can be summarized as "summer is usually mild and wet, and brings most of the annual rainfall. Winter is cold, dry and windy." Three different regional climates exist in Shigatse. The area north of the Himalayas and south of the Kangdese-Nyianqentanglha has a warm, semi-dry monsoon highland climate; a small area north of the Kangdese-Nyianqentanglha ranges has a sub-cold, dry or semi-dry monsoon highland climate; and south of the Himalayas has a warm, semi-humid monsoon highland climate.

Consider the best time of year for your visit. Most visitors travel in the period from April to October; Tibet is very cold at other times (although central Tibet can be warm and sunny during the day even in winter), and there may be few travellers to share vehicle hire. From mid-June to August rainfall and landslides make a few roads impassable.

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