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2016 China Yangtze River Cruise Tour Fr US$1649

This 13-day China Yangtze Cruise tour includes China's highlights and the compelling UNESCO world heritages like the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, etc. with an impressive 3-night cruise through the mighty Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam. Also you will touch Chinese life closer in Beijing Hutongs, water towns of Wuzhen. And taste the great food like Beijing Duck , Xian Dumpling, Hotpot and have Chinese cooking lesson. With China Connection Tours, you will deserve the comprehensive China tour, yet with reasonable price!

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    * Age: 18-65 years old
    * Tour pace: moderate walking, relaxing
    * Service: first class
    * Trip style: classical sightseeing plus local touches.


    1. Responsible travel and experience oriented program. More opportunities to touch local lifestyle.
    2. Comfortable balance between guided sightseeing and free time.
    3. Special local food (Peking duck banquet, dumpling dinner, hotpot, etc.) and a private Chinese cooking lesson.
    4. Selected 4-star hotel accommodations and 5-star Yangtze River cruise ship. We only use non-smoking floors.
    5. All domestic transportations (trains and flights) included.
    6. Highlight visits in each city plus more unique experiences (visits to old towns, workshop, local markets, etc.).
    7. Arrival and departure transfers.
    8. Private English speaking guides from local and comfortable vehicles with drivers.
    9. Professional CCT tour leader for small group of 10 or more people.
    10. All taxes and service charges in hotel and cruise.
    11. 24/7 service on standby.

    Tour map

    • Day 1. Ni-Hao Beijing, China!
    • Day 2. Explore Ancient Capital of Beijing
    • Day 3. Tour Great Wall of China (B, L)
    • Day 4. Be A Beijinger! Overnight Soft-Sleeper Train to Xian
    • Day 5. The Glorious Capital Where Silk Road Started.
    • Day 6. China's First Emperor And His Terra-Cotta Amy
    • Day 7. Fly to Chongqing. Mountain & City and China Pandas
    • Day 8. Cruise (Fengdu Ghost City)
    • Day 9. Cruise (Qutang Gorge and Wuxia Gorge)
    • Day 10. Cruise (Three Gorges Dam). Fast Train to Shanghai.
    • Day 11. Shanghai Impression Tour
    • Day 12. Relax at Water Town of Wuzhen, Cook Your Own Farewell Dinner
    • Day 13. Zai-Jian, Shanghai, China!

    After hours of international flight, you finally arrive in Beijing, the capital of China. Our experienced English speaking guide will meet you at the luggage claim area and transfer you to hotel. On the way you will be delivered an orientation of this trip. Check in hotel and have a good rest for the jetlag. Overnight in hotel.

    Forbidden City

    Firstly you will come to Tiananmen Square that is the largest one in the world and there were many important political movements taking place here. On the north of the square is the Forbidden City that is the world's largest imperial complex with red walls where 24 Chinese emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1921) once lived. In 1987 it was named as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

    You will have a walk tour through it and then come to the Jingshan Park where you will take a bird's view of the Forbidden City. Jingshan Park was the imperial park of the royal families in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, now becomes a public park for local people and visitors.

    In the afternoon you will enjoy a leisure time at Summer Palace, the best and the biggest imperial garden in China. The garden came into existence in the 1750s and had once been a summer resort for the emperors of Qing Dynasty with gardens, art galleries, pavilions, bridges, lakes, hills, temples, etc. Unfortunately all those treasures could not elude the rampages of the Anglo-French Allied Force and was destroyed by fire in 1860s. In 1992 it was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In the evening enjoy the famous Peking duck banquet as welcome dinner.

    Great Wall

    You're not a true man until you get to the Great Wall! Great Wall came into existence since the Chinese nations were united by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in B.C. 220, and then continuously built by following dynasties (till 1644) over the mountains from east to west to prevent the invasions from the northern tribes. Undoubtedly this man-made wonder became the world's largest military structure and the symbol of Chinese civilization. It's a place for heroes. After the local lunch at Golden Palace, you will get back to city and have a stop by the Olympic venues like Bird's Nest and Water Cube for photo opportunities. In the afternoon you will enjoy free time at Silk Market that's the most famous in Beijing.


    It's an interesting experience to touch the local lifestyle in China. In the morning let's join in the local morning exercise at park of Temple of Heaven. Some play Taiji and dance; some do gym exercises and play Jianzi; others fly kites or play cards and many more activities – another new day begins!

    After that you will visit the Temple of Heaven where emperors once prayed for good harvests and the Hongqiao Market, the largest pearl market in the world.

    In the afternoon enjoy a walking tour to visit the local alleys and backstreets – Hutongs. Hutong is regarded as the last embodiment of old Beijing spirit. "Go-to-Hutongs" now becomes a call for those who would like to meet the Beijing local residence, learn their true life and look back upon the old Beijing stories. Rickshaw is available but optional for visiting the Hutong for those who do not like to walk.

    In the evening transfer to train station and take the soft-sleeper train to Xian, the starting point of Silk Road.

    Terra Cotta Army Museum

    Arrive in Xian in the morning. Meet at train station and transfer to hotel. After breakfast the tour will take you to discover the glories of this ancient capital. Shaanxi History Museum is a master piece of all museums in China as it condenses the Chinese history.

    The Ancient City Wall, the best preserved, oldest and largest ancient city defense system in China, is the landmark of Xian. You will have an outer look of it (CCT does not recommend climbing or biking on the top of it since it will contribute damages to this heritage), and then get a closer touch of it when you walk in the City Wall Park surrounded it. In the park you will also glance at the local people's life.

    Then continue to visit the splendid Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area that includes Xian Museum, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Jianfusi Temple. It's a wonderful leisure site for the appreciation of cultural relics, sightseeing and entertainment. In the evening you will enjoy the Dumpling Banquet for dinner.

    Ancient City Wall

    Full day to enjoy the visit of Terra-Cotta Army Museum, buried underground to guard the afterlife of Emperor Qin Shi Huang from 2200 years ago near his pyramid mausoleum. There are more than 8,000 life-size terra cotta figures of soldiers and horses excavated from this area. They are all displayed in the practical battle formation in 3 pits respectively. The Terra Cotta Army is now regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Heritage.

    Then enjoy your free time at the Square of Drum and Bell Tower at the city center and city center and make contact with local people and sample local flavors at Muslim Street, the most famous gourmet place. Shadow puppet show is available and optional at Gao Family's Courtyard, a traditional Chinese dwelling with walls and folks.

    Terra-Cotta Army Museum

    In the morning transfer to airport and fly to Chongqing, the mountain city. Upon arrival meet your guide and visit the Panda Zoo to see the lovely panda bears, and then proceed to visit the Ciqikou Ancient Town that was once famous for porcelain business along Yangtze areas. It still keeps the original old buildings and traditional folklores. After that visit Eling Park to get a quick look of local lifestyle.

    At night (around 20.30) board a deluxe Yangtze River cruise and start a breathtaking river cruise journey.

    Fengdu Ghost City

    Have an early get-up to enjoy the spectacular views on the mighty Yangtze River. Today you will disembark at the Fengdu Ghost City and visit the local temples and legendaries. Return to ship.

    Wuxia Gorge

    Today the ship will pass through the Qutang Gorge, framed by steep mossy cliffs. Then have shore excursion to the Lesser Three Gorges electrical boat. In the afternoon the ship will the Wu Gorge, celebrated for its 12 peaks, and at night the Three Gorges Dam ship locks.

    Three Gorges Dam

    In the morning you will have a shore excursion to the Three Gorges Dam. Then leave the ship and transfer you to the train station. After lunch take the fast train to Shanghai. Upon arrival, meet and transfer to hotel.

    the Bund

    In the morning you will come to the fabulous Yuyuan Garden, a Ming style garden with pavilions, streams, pools and plants. Neighboring it is the Old City, filled with silk umbrellas, calligraphy, Chinese toys, paper dragons, embroidery, etc. You will stop at a silk shop before lunch.

    In the afternoon you will have a leisure walking tour through Nanjing Road, the busiest shopping center and then the Bund, the wide promenade along the Huangpu river and lined with European style architectures, every beautiful with lights at night.

    Water Town of Wuzhen

    On the last tour day, we will arrange you an easy tour to the Water Town of Wuzhen (west part) to relax your mind. Wuzhen displays its two-thousand-year history in its ancient stone bridges floating on mild water, its stone pathways between the mottled walls and its delicate wood carvings. You will also see the local workshops like soya factory to learn how the local people making their live. The little boat (for max 6 persons) is available but optional (RMB120/boat).

    Then come back to Shanghai and visit the former French Concession Area and Shikoumen where local people reside.

    Transfer to airport for your flight back home. The happy end of a wonderful China trip!