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Why travel with us

Exceptional Value

We take all of the savings and pass them on to you.

China Connection Tours is for people who are looking for that little bit extra - extra value, extra enjoyment, and extra care. Our product managers travel China frequently, inspecting, testing and innovating, to make sure that your China tour has all the extras you would expect.

We understand that prices are very important. However, this is not our only criteria. We are committed to provide China tours with highest standard available and work with suppliers of quality and reliability to help ensure the success of your vacation. It is sure that you would pay for extra value by choosing China Connection Tours.

Being a large tour operator in China, we provide China travel services for more than 30,000 tourists annually throughout the world. Our unrivalled expertise, experience and enormous buying power give us leverage to negotiate massive savings with hotels and other tour elements that enables you to benefit from it.

Unique Experience

We will at all times utilize a professional, flexible, customer-focused, and caring approach, in the active promotion of panoramic China.

China Connection Tours is committed to your comfort and happiness throughout your stay. We continually investigate for new China attractions and take pride in bringing you the widest, most tempting array of vacations.

All China Connection Tours itineraries are created with the precisely understanding that your preference and expectation from a dreamed China tour are UNIQUE. Each designed trip offered by China Connection Tours has a number of different activities, ranging from simple cultural exploration to really special china tour that you have never experienced. Besides enjoying the various fascinating activities and highlights, there is ample free time for you to pursue your own special interests and favorite pastimes in each of your China tour itineraries.

Easy and convenience

The launch of the China Connection Tours.com is the migration of the traditional China travel service and the technical innovation of Internet. You can just relax and book your vacation from the comfort of your own home that is easy and convenient. As the online service platform, China Connection Tours is intend to be informative in not only tour products but also a panoramically China. You can easily access to our website and get much detailed information about your possible destinations in China. Just simply send us an Email and we can make it online relevant to suit your needs and help you find the perfect China travel solution.

With the real-time pricing and availability on hundreds of tours within China Connection Tours, you can browse and book your own tailor-made China tours in minutes, and be sure that your online payment is completely safe.

Consumer Protection

To book with China-tour.cn and enjoy the tour service provided by China Connection Tours, you will have complete peace of mind. We are fully bonded members of NTA & CATS (CHINA ASSOCITATION OF TRAVEL SERVICES). As one of the largest China tour operators, we are required to post USD 200K with China National Tourism Administration to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CNTA Consumer Protection Plan, the advance payments of the customers with China Connection Tours.com in

Broad availability and flexibility

By choosing China Connection Tours, it is YOU who decide When, What and How to fulfill your dreamed China vacations.

Over the years, we have learned that no two travelers are alike. Whether you have a keen sense of adventure, leisure or culture explore, preferring to go it alone, or feel more at ease on a small escorted group tour with your family or friends, China Connection Tours has the travel solutions to suit. And, if you do not find exactly what you have always dreamed of, please send us a request and we will give you the option of tailoring a China tour to your own personal tastes and interests. Whatever your budget or your tour plans, we will create a China travel solution to match, within your constraints.

We understand that Availability and Flexibility are the key benefits of independent travel. Although you travel China alone, we take care of you along the way. But, while we leave you to enjoy your China tours independently, we never desert you. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to offer advice and assistance, although you probably won’t need much.

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