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Service Quality Control

China Connection Tours would stress on the Quality of Service with which you always concern much. From our point of view, the assurance of Service Quality is NOT something UNCLEAR. Although tour product is intangible, the Quality of Service can be evaluated and ensured based on 5 practical elements. During our 16 years successful China tour operation, we have been continuously innovate and improve the standardized Total Quality Control method for each of our designed China travel solutions and guarantee the best value for our customers by the assurance of service quality.

As your reliable China travel service provider, we would like to present you the 5 Control Points of the Intangible Travel Service and show you that how China Connection Tours will ensure the Quality of Service for our customers

Itinerary Design

Each of our designed China travel itinerary will include all of the major attractions as "Must See" on your chosen destinations. This is similar with other travel companies who specialized on China tour. But the difference is that we focus much on Value-added Service in terms of tour production. We realize that Travel is not simply travel and it should be considered as sort of Unique Experience.

The core theme of the tour itineraries designed by China Connection Tours is to immerse the tourist in the fantastic oriental culture. We build in plenty of opportunities for authentic culture exchange when you travel and many of the itineraries will include family visit, local market or local school visits etc. that could enrich your life and your journey.

By traveling with us, you may have the opportunities to really understand the spirit of a country while allowing you the flexibilities to relax or explore on your own style.

Selected Hotels

The hotels included in the itineraries of China Connection Tours have been specifically selected, with consideration given to overall quality, location, food service, and cleanliness. We select only those hotels that offer the right combination of quality and value.

The following descriptions apply to the Official Hotel Guide ratings which you will see throughout the website:

Five Stars = Deluxe Class: 
Outstanding lodgings offering superior services, accommodations, facilities and locations.

Four Stars = First Class: 
Above average, offering all the amenities of a First Class hotel, with additional features such as more extensive public areas, restaurants, shops, and perhaps a fitness center.

Three Stars = Economy Class: 
Dependable and comfortable, featuring well equipped standard rooms with private bath, TV, direct-dial telephone and radio. Other features also include restaurant, bars and attractive public areas.

Hotels in this website not rated by OHG have been evaluated by the product managers of China Connection Tours as meeting our high standards for quality, comfort and value.

Appointed Local Guides and Trip Leaders

Being in the tour business for nearly 16 years, we have established a countrywide network of Appointed bilingual Local Guides based on thousands of the evaluation letters from our customers. Only providing you the local guides selected from the system of Appointed Local Guide can ensure the quality of guiding services in each of your destinations. If you would like to travel with a small group over 10 people, your will be escorted by one of our professional bilingual Tour Leaders with the in-depth knowledge of your specific itinerary. All of our Tour Leaders have 10 years experience at least and they are experts who are totally dedicated to ensure that you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. Our Tour Leaders will follow the professional working specifications in order to serve you better and you will furthermore be enlightened by their specialised knowledge and charming anecdotes.

Meal Arrangements

Usually we provide Half-board meal arrangement that means you will enjoy daily American buffet breakfast at your hotel, local style lunch or dinner as well as some special meals mentioned on the schedule. All of the local restaurants that provide services to our customers are considered as our supplier with formal business contract. We only select and work with those restaurants authorized by China Tourist Administrations in each of the destinations to ensure the quality and safety of the food.

Tailor-made menu or special meal arrangements will be provided for our customers as one of the complimentary services based on requests.


China Connection Tours maintains the highest level, latest model, air-conditioned coaches or private vans for the maximum comfort on your touring days. We have written agreements with our local business partners and coach companies in order to assure that good-conditioned coaches and skilful drivers would be used for our customers.

For domestic long-distance transportation, our Ticketing Department will provided you flight ticket and train ticket booking service as complimentary.

Experience, professionalism and careful planning are the hallmarks of the services provided by China Connection Tours. Our aim is to make sure that everything meets, and hopefully exceeds, your expectations. With over 40 business partners
throughout China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea and other Asian countries, we maintain consistently high standards and attention to detail. While you relax, our teams are working hard to ensure you a fantastic worry-free trip.

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