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Taiyuan Noodles, Taiyuan Restaurants, Taiyuan Travel GuideIn Taiyuan, wheat-flour food and Muslim food are the most well-known dining experiences. The shaved noodles (daoxiaomian), shaped like willow tree leaves, are regarded as the best of their kind in terms of production techniques and flavor. Wheat-flour (shaomai) can be found in many parts of China, but the shaomai used in the famous restaurant Qing He Yuan is well-known all over Shanxi for being especially fresh and delicious. Besides shaved noodles and shaomai, other foods are famous in Taiyuan, such as cat's ear noodles, fish-shaped noodles (mashi), steamed dumplings, shuan yangrou (boiled mutton in a hotpot) and tounao (mutton, Chinese yam and lotus root).

Other famous local products are laochencu (long-preserved vinegar), and fenjiu and zhuyeqing (both liquors).

Taiyuan Noodle Restaurant
Add: No.5 Jiefang Rd., Yingze District, Taiyuan
Tel: +86-351-2022 230
Type of Cuisine: Shanxi Noodles
Description: Taiyuan Noodle Restaurant features the most authentic Shanxi noodles. Shanxi Noodlesare a local specialty which can be prepared in several ways. Each kind is cooked by a special method with a unique name and taste, such as the famous Shanxi Sliced Noodle, Pulled Noodle, Mao Erduo (Cat's Ear, for it takes the shape of a cat's ear).

Jin Cuisine, Taiyuan Yang Za Sui Soup (Mutton Soup), Taiyuan Restaurants, Taiyuan Travel GuideHao Gang Gang Mutton Soup Restaurant
Add: North Entrance of Liu Xiang, Yingze District, Taiyuan
Type of Cuisine: Jin Cuisine, Taiyuan Yang Za Sui Soup (Mutton Soup).
Description: This restaurant serves the reputed Taiyuan Yang Za Sui Tang (Mutton Soup). Yang Za Sui is a very popular snack in Taiyuan. Chef puts lamb liver, stomach, goat lung, intestine, heart and tendons of mutton etc. into a big pot. Then boil them with onions, gingers, corianders, vermicelli and tofu. When the materials are ready, take some materials and soup into a bowl. Then put some corianders, vinegars, salt and red pepper on it and the mutton soup is served. The long queue of customers in front of the restaurant proves just how popular Hao Gang Gang Mutton has become.

Shanxi Inn
Add: Xiqu Rd., Wanbailin District,Taiyuan
Tel: +86-351-6166 578‎
Type of Cuisine: Jin Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine
Description: Shanxi Inn serves authentic Shanxi cuisine and other cuisine along with a variety of regional specialty dishes. You will enjoy exquisite soups, delicious dim sum and fresh seafood prepared with local seasonings and spices.

Shanxi World Trade Hotel
Add: 69# Xifu St., Taiyuan
Tel: +86-351-8688 888
Type of Cuisine: Cantonese Cuisine, Janpanese Cuisine and other dishes
The restaurants at Shanxi World Trade Hotel offer several dining options suited for different guests. With comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, you may taste the superlative Cantonese cuisine at Cantonese Garden, or authentic Shanghai cuisine and exquisite snacks at Jinjiang Palace.

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