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China Transportation Guide

China City Getting-Around

China is a fascinating destination for world travelers. It can be difficult to explore around the cities without the right information. Here is the quick fact of China city getting around.


China enjoys adequate taxi service. In most cities, the taxi tends to be small locally made cars painted red, green or yellow. In large cities, there are luxurious sedans at a higher rate. Taxi fares (normally ranging from RMB1 to RMB2 Yuan per km) vary from city to city but the fare is always clearly marked on the taxi window. Simply raise your hand when a taxi appears. Be sure to choose a taxi with a business permit, and before you disembark from a taxi ride, ask the driver for a receipt. Most taxi drivers do not understand much English, although those in tourist cities are encouraged to learn and speak some simple English. Non-Chinese speaking visitors are advised to have their destinations written down in Chinese and show the address to the cab driver. Your hotel will give you a card with the name in Chinese to give the driver.


Subways are another convenient means of transportation for those traveling in downtown areas. Subways are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Tianjin.


There are bicycles for rent in some hotels in Beijing and some other tourist cities. Riding an old-fashioned rickshaw for a tour of Beijing's Hutongs and back alleys is a delightful experience

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