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China railways

The total mileage of China railways open to traffic in China amounts to 100,000km, which forms an extensive network with Beijing as the hub.

Chinese railway service boasts domestic and international operations. The domestic service falls into such categories as quasi-high speed trains, fast trains, tourist trains, expresses, and through passenger trains.

High-speed trains run mainly from Guangzhou to Kowloon and from Guangzhou to Shenzhen. Same-day fast trains shuttle between major cities. Tourist trains make the journey pleasant for those bound for major tourist cities.

The sleeping carriages running on China's railways are partitioned into compartments each containing four cushioned berths arranged in upper and lower berths.

International railway through transport is available on the following routes:

Beijing-Ulan Bator-Moscow;
Urumqi-Alma Ata;
Beijing-Ulan Bator.

On these routes express passenger trains run in both directions. Just a reminder to European passengers: it takes six to seven days for an express train to reach Beijing from Moscow by way of Ulan Bator or Manzhouli.

Map of China Railways


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